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Aurora Foods is made up of multiple divisions, each responsible for providing different products and services.

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Aurora Food Marketing

Established in 2009, we have built our success on the philosophy of providing customers with high quality products which meet their needs and fulfil their expectations. We offer a comprehensive range of products to primary and secondary processors including retail, foodservice and manufacturing sectors. Our range goes from primal cuts of meat, all the way through to added value products that are portion controlled and sold in bespoke packaging.

Aurora Foods Wholesale

Also established in 2009, Aurora Foods Wholesale operate in the Lancashire area providing a local meat wholesale facility in the heart of Manchester. Aurora Foods Wholesale work with a variety of suppliers across the UK to provide a vast range of high-quality meat products to our customers.

Pulled Meats

Pulled Meats is a brand of Aurora Foods and was established in 2014. The primary aim of Pulled Meats is to heavily reduce the time it takes to cook, prepare, hand pull and add sauce to meat products by providing a premium product that is already pre-cooked, pulled sauced and vacuum packed. We supply a large range of pulled meat products, primarily beef and pork, which can come in a variety of sauces and seasonings.

Best Bacon

Best Bacon is another brand of Aurora Foods. After identifying a gap in the market for high quality bacon, with the benefit of a fixed rasher count and stable pricing, Best Bacon now offers UK wholesale customers a range of premium quality, white label bacon products.